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    With over 15 years of experience in technical analysis, we offer traders and investors opinions of the technical perspective of stock charts. Our suggestions are totally unbiased and may prove to be helpful when one is ready to purchase a stock. Sometimes seeing it from an analyst's perspective can save hundreds or thousands of dollars of hard-earned money. Many people come to us and ask questions regarding the short-term future of a stock. Our answers are straight forward and to the point.

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    First of all, the buy-and-hold days are over. For the years to come, the stock market will be a traders market. During the past twenty years, everyone should have done well in the stock market with ~15% gains per year. And during this time, the market was a great way to make money. Today it is much different.

    The primary reason why most traders do not do well in today's difficult (and ever so changing market) is because of bad decisions of when to buy long and sell short a stock. All traders today (swing traders, day traders, option traders, etc..) read from the same books. If everyone became great at trading, the Market Makers would close down their firms. Remember, Market Makers have to make a living too, so their job is to shake you from your money. And, since everyone knows how the game is played today or at least have learned it from the same books, the Market Makers have to continue being one step ahead of you and change the game accordingly, so that they can stay in business. But then again, they don't want to lose you totally -- they want you to continue trading. To make things more complex or enticing, there are hundreds of online brokerage firms. Each one in competition with one another for your business -- saying they have the lowest cost to place a trade. This makes the investor believe this is the problem. The point is, when you hear all these online brokerage firms saying they have the lowest cost, this is actually far from the problem. Commission costs are very low today and this alone will not damage a trading or savings account. Making the right decisions (when to buy and sell) is what counts!

What is Technical Analysis?

    Technical analysis, long considered by some experts to be the single most reliable method of forecasting market trends and timing significant turns, is an instrumental analytical tool for seizing opportunities in the stock market. Technical analysis is unemotional and can be highly profitable. Indeed, technical analysis is as close as one can get to a scientific approach to investing. Yet in today's turbulent markets, where decisions have become more complex and the overwhelming flood of information more difficult to assimilate, many investors lack a complete working knowledge of this powerful technique.

    Our next page is still being built, but it will reveal how to identify profitable chart patterns, including reversals, consolidation formations and gaps; and distinguish the myriad key analytical tools, including trendlines and channels, support and resistance, moving averages, relative strength analysis and volume.



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